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Age of Unification: Odessya

Those of you who were following the Twitch streams of the Saturday Sessions the past year know a little bit about my character: Odessya. She was kidnapped as a child by the Kaii-Tythe, an feared assassin and bounty hunter guild. Growing up among them, they were all she knew for family. Their training started at a young age and culminated in her becoming a skilled brutal assassin and bounty hunter.

Picture of Odessya against a green hazy background.
Commissioned artwork of Odessya by

While among the Kaii-Tythe, Odessya (alias: Adder) was modified to have a recorder above her right eye and the ability to do neural interfacing. She hardly used the latter, but the former was very useful for blackmail and proof of mission success. While she had the technological improvements to aid her, she also was endowed with great physical beauty. Seduction, besides her knives and acrobatics, became another tactic of hers. What she did exactly while in the guild is not known nor does she like to talk about it. It is rumored that she was used however to blackmail several politicians and businessmen and women in the Milky Way.

Her successful long years of service to the Kaii-Tythe ended abruptly upon meeting another bounty hunter named Abraxas. The exact circumstances of how they met are uncertain, except that they were both pursuing the same assignment when it occurred. The results of their meeting are known however: they met, fell in love, and started to pursue bounties together until they met the group that would be seen in Season 8: Age of Unification.

Of course, her abandoning the Kaii-Tythe was not appreciated. No one left that guild; and if they did, the traitor was pursued and killed as an example. This was why Odessya was so nervous when she realized that the group had landed on a station backed by the Kaii-Tythe. The attempt to shush any notice of her being there was a miserable failure as those who watched the stream saw. However, there was not much need to worry too much about the threat after the station was blown apart by Gallimus via Clay. There were still Kaii-Tythe in the galaxy; but now that the Prakuum leader was killed, resolving the leadership vacuum would take time.

What Odessya did as part of the group in the Age of Unification can be seen in the Twitch stream. Later, there might be logs released relating what happened (none were recorded while the sessions were going. These would be based after-the-fact.) After the final session, what Odessya did is unknown. Wherever she went though, she was with Abraxas and probably bounty hunting still.


Written by Courtney Lambert

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