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Age of Unification: Allein

A depiction of what a Marquen commonly looks like. This was drawn by Hugo.

At the start of the campaign, one would not have expected Allein to be involved with such a blood-thirsty company as he ended up with when he docked at the station to get his ship repaired after it had been riddled with bullets. Before his encounter with Odessya, Abraxas, Malahanz, and Clay, Allein was a self-made entrepreneur from a wealthy Marquen family. His family's wealth had been largely made from the trade empire that they have created. With that much wealth came scheming and intrigue that forced many relatives to have to watch their backs from those who would backstab them. Out of anyone else in the family, Allein trusted his brother, and both looked out for each other amid the distrust.

How Allein had wound up in that part of space was motivated by his desire to prove himself as the heir to the trade empire he would inherit. Thus he had gone off, taking with him some spare money and a ship. After running into the individuals that would become the group Blood Money, he discovers that his uncle has placed a bounty on his head.

He is able to convince his companions to help him get revenge against his uncle. The entire story of how Blood Money was able drug Allein to convince his uncle that they had killed his nephew in order to obtain the bounty money for his death, the fight that followed, the successful capture and death of the uncle, and the tremendous reward they received for collecting both bounties can be seen on the Twitch stream of the Age of Unification.

Allein was able to develop trade routes throughout his travels while Blood Money was together as he investigated each station they docked at for wares that he could trade with. Currently he is supposedly working with the Swift, a major player in the black market, getting a profit from the trade network that he developed, and working on freeing his brother from prison.


Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of Courtney's work, check out her other blog posts on the site as well as her own website.

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