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Age of Destruction: The War - Gwenyth IV

ISR - AoD: War

Saturday Session 10.2022-03.2023

Written by Courtney Lambert


After many weeks, Gwenyth finally received the information that she received from Erica Reaver

Gwenyth. Drawn by

and began to analyze the video recordings from the station's security footage. Layla had many one-on-one conversations and meetings with a multitude of people whom Gwenyth found nothing that raised any alarms or suspicions. She seemed to spend much time with several people whom she was known to work with, their repeated interactions not revealing anything out of the ordinary. They were people she was often in contact with.

One situation, unrelated to Layla, caught Gwenyth's eye. A half-breed was seen on the footage bribing the guard outside the auction. The guard's expression subtly changed, and he stepped aside, granting the half-breed entrance into the chamber. Shortly afterward, Azazel walked out, proudly. A black, inky veil was slung over his shoulder, the blackness oozing like a cloud around it. Eventually, the half-breed left as well, followed by the rest of the chamber's occupants. Searching the other cameras, Gwenyth did not see the half-breed interacting in a suspicious manner with Layla.

Gwenyth ended up taking the data she collected to Kyron for his input. She had narrowed the numbers down to three or four people who were suspicious. One by one, they laid their traps to see if they could catch the potential “Swift” unawares. They succeeded.

The results of Gwenyth's search cannot be shared outside of the highest of the Forgeborn's ranks since the identity of the Swift is a critical secret that has been closely guarded for thousands of years. In conclusion, the hunt was a success.


Written by Courtney Lambert

To see more of her work, check out her other blog posts and her own website!

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