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Age of Destruction: Saturday Session Log 29OCT2022

Notes from October 29th:

There are some areas where I am not sure about; reference QGirl's later post.

Kairon is working on something. Needs all phsyical, psionic and tech prop... missing psionic elements. He references that the Liquid singularities as being easier to utilize, but he might be able to acquire ALIS? cores... yet this something has potential for creating new Harbinger gates. Kairon talks to the Contact regarding the ?Alice? Core, but when the direct line fails, he sends a request for a core. The flow of these cores is limited due to war - no production or transportation? Some Empires - Alliance might have them. Therefore, looks like acquisition via espionage is needed for the Felhamr, thereby dictating the creation of a shell company to promote espionage without ties to Felhamr. In theory, the shell company should appear connected to the Trade Fed.

According to the Contact, there are 18 ALS cores placed in the market that are traceable. Leyla has some of them, and others are harder to trace. Kairon is going to use the Blood Money crew to obtain these cores and track them. There is a theory that the Swift has leaked them. The logic is to consolidate power after a future destruction of the Harbingers.

Kairon then recieves an intelligence brief:

Sentinels have Earth - non-aggression pact

Harbingers occupy disc world - is growing significantly larger and may be used as an Archive.

There is a Le'shay thing - wants to place a base; is granted a unwanted solar system due to

the Harbinger threat. They dislike voluntary true modifications.

Viiren spike in a specific area

FOG OF WAR: Kairon's sims fail?

FOG CLEARS: On the planets, the Terra Alpha regime is hated. For the Felhamr, there is another world to liberate from Terra Alpha. Kairon sends a force to the world; he sends one of his test programs. The test goes without a hitch, unlike last time -- no explosions. There is an examination of the world, legal procedures inspected; the civilians are good; planetary military force is destroyed. There is propaganda sent out painting the planetary government as complete evil - Black Order, ect.

Felhamr legal system consists of harsh punishments, a strict court system -- with the judge, jury, and executor as the Felhamr. Depending on restitution, there is chance for the criminal to experience regenerative.

Additional Intelligence Brief:

Sentinel construction is happening at the Reef; its vast armies are being built en masse; By contrast, replication of the Felhamr, with respect to depletion caused by the Harbinger War and anticipating a fight with the Sentinel, is significantly more complex due to the shortage of applicants and time spent. A potential solution is to have cyber-beings and Zavlions more prominent in the future. Additionally, mass production of Nepatekat bodies?

The Informant: check the Tether for additional Sentinel construction. Kairon asks the Matrix to investigate.

Kairon desires to destroy the Sentinels, and is doing some research on the means. Theory: Thermal on Sentinels is highly reactive? ?Glasis? can manufacture things. (FOG OF WAR)


She is spying on Leyla; doing espionage and obtaining data on? Eavesdropping on Leyla and her stuff. Leyla and Cutter are talking. Trying to establish a tracking on Leyla. Leyla has worked with gov to create alliances; she is good at diplomacy and has charisma. Evaluation cutter; doing passive espionage by listening.

Has an unconscious magruun in a tub and transplanted memories. She was impersonating that Magruun to get access to Leyla's feeds. Goes outside into Elias, capital city. She hears a coin falls to the ground. Meets a rando... calls him small...

Doing investigations on Leyla.


System Survey Results:

There is a yellow dwarf star (life compatible) around which is 1 gas giant and 6 exoplanets. One planet is in the Goldilocks zone, and there is a tidally locked world close to the sun.

Gas Giant has life signs of floating creatures being studied by a Marquin research vessel. However, the vessel displayed no signs of life from distance and was operating in low power. It finally used using tight beam signals to contact Bogdan's ship, and informed him of the reason for using such low power. The vessel commander is a suspected Purist; he gave information indicating that the Marquuin are unsure of the Alliance and the Trade Fed. The Marquin are fragmented politically and only allowed the Alliance and Trade Fed into their space after the invasion of the Harbinger. As a group, they are not willing to give up land or perceived territory.

Six exoplanets:

In the Goldilock's Zone, there was a desert world surveyed with a thick atmosphere. It is fairly large, rich in metals with a high value core. There might be liquid metals on the surface, but it has no known liquid water. Very sandy.

There is one Pluto-distance exoplanet and an additional further past that.

Additionally, there is an earth-like planet, tidally locked to sun, and without an atomsphere; one side is frozen, the other blazing, and the "edge" of the coin has large quantum deposits - purple, orange, blue and dark blue.

There was an Evix detected living inside the gas giant's asteroid belt; not near the Etherstone. This Evix went to sleep when the Sentinels took over; During his power-deprived dormancy, he was observed to have: 6 eyes, a tail, transparent ribbing areas. He has a passive pulsing signature, capable of shifting asteroids with a single pulse. His power was guaged as a 5/10 (when compared to an active Evix), and changed to six upon waking. Looking through the old records states that: this Evix has the same signature as Oron-tutar, but is smaller than last time. There have been 5 occurrences of a group wakening an Evix; 4 of those were never heard back from again. In the middle of this research Oron-Tutar wakes up and sends an asteroid scattering pulse; his transparent ribs gain color, and sequentially lightup. He opens his mouth and ingests an asteroid. Throughout this time, Crewmate Asha Lona, an Univali detected near future or recent past annoyance within a +/- 10 minute time frame emanating from the Evix. The crew had the privilege of observing the awakening of an Evix. The Evix is extremely hungry after several hundred generations of not ingesting anything . Eventually the Evix notices them, and telepathically speaks to them; he asks questions about them, and his sleep duration. The Evix wants to eat them, but is persuaded to pursue the Seraphim/Harbingers. Bogdan tells him how to find the solar system via the stars, and the Evix warps away to get some lunch.

Bogdan's new mission:

Being sent to a location far away to investigate a world and a station; needing ground penetrating radar and the warning about harbinger to prevent law suits.

He then asks HAI-TAC questions about things; eventually winds up getting a random coin from the sky. Little does he know that this coin is a link to Vyden. Initially his impulse is to try to know about how to get into the Forgeborn/Matrix enctrption, but realized that would mean an exchange of his encryptions He asks for blueprints of the Meadow Lark stealth system in exchange for the Psionic bank; he loses the memory of the Psionic bank, but not just himself: everyone forgets about it: even Kairon loses memories of the confiscated psionic bank of HAI-TAC. Fortunately, there is a chance to recreate the tech, but not without difficulty. However, the Stealth systems are now deep within Bogdan's mind, known innately to him as if he had developed them and perfectly comprehended them... He looked down at coin, saw it was damaged in the middle; he picks it up, and wants to retrieve the memories, but was unable to obtain them; He then broke all contact with Vyden, and the coin broke in half.


Interesting information:

Ethersteel: not useful as armor; shield from telepaths; damage mind while cut body if used as a sword; perfect ring shape: direct psionic energy, location maters: head: used as an amplifier. Telepath only guns; ring guns with focused energy/ Psychic rifles. Shape matters; Sentinels used ethersteel as a cage to amplify powers of Zavlion....

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