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Age of Destruction: Saturday Session Log 03DEC2022

Notes from the December 3rd, 2022 session


Kairon asks for a status update on the Andromeda Galaxy. Receives word that there is a splinter within the Andromeda Galaxy that is causing problems for Clan Leou. He dispatches two ships to investigate, and boards the smaller scout vessel. They come accross a ship far larger then Clan Leou Ships, and of comprable size to the scout vessel. The Scout vessel has recently developed technology, dense armor, and similarly advanced power housings. The ship IDs itself reluctantly as an MSF, no other information given, vessel, and they send text based messages between vessels. Kairon asks to talk with a head of government. In response, another vessel phases in.

Kairon meets Ambassador ?, there is a diplomatic exchange where in they discuss the goals of each faction. The MSF are wary of psionic messages


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