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As of right now, the planned features list of will be quite extensive, as we're overhauling quite a lot.

The title of the update will be "Arms Race" and contains many new changes and additions. We are overhauling weapons and combat, keeping the same basic design we have now but altering shields, combat mechanics, weaponry, mods, and other changes.

In terms of other changes, there will be quite a few. Currently on the list is a change to the Blessing system we have, which will alter the name to "Upgrades" and alter it so there are three distinct paths that a player may choose to follow, depending on the race chosen. It's similar to a class system, but very flexible and follows our three designated "specs". The specs include Physical, Psionic, and Tech. Each race will have unique starting points and limitations to these specs. A good example would be a Deltan, who have a limited Physical and Psionic potential, where their Tech potential has no limit at all. It's part of what we want to call "Implied Complexity" which allows characters to be as simple or complex as they want, based on the experience and choices of the player.

I mentioned weapon mods earlier, which are going to be added and will allow for a lot of personalization to weapons. We are also going to add another layer to character mods as well, which include "body" mods. These mods can be used if the player ends up replacing part of their body with a synthetic piece and want to further enhance themselves. While this is nowhere near required for a player, it's possible, which is just another example of Implied Complexity.

A test changelog will be up when we finalize features and changes.

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