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"Don't make me pinch you!" - Kelpie Lin

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Aptitude Pool

Dimilae have a pool of Aptitude Points [AP] equal to their Base Aptitude Score, these points can be used with different Dimilae abilities. Points return on Rest.

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Dimilae flight speed is 100ft.

Dimilae may use their movement to fly, while flying they have no disadvantages.
If they are made [Prone] during flight, they fall and take fall damage equal to the distance they have fallen.

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Ether Armor

Dimilae, due to their size, cannot fit in normal armor as it’s far too large, so they instead enchant themselves and their basic armor with Ether energy. In doing so, they may swap their armor type and all associated stats/[Enchantments] at Rest without using [AP]. Although, while not during a Rest they may spend an additional X[AP] to swap out their armor, where X is the number of times they have already done so that day (including their current use).


They may apply a number of applicable [Enchantments] to their armor as well. If armor is changed and they lose an [Enchantment], they must choose an [Enchantment​] to lose. If an Enchantment would be gained, they may choose a new one, but cannot swap out any of their current [Enchantments​] until Rest. 

  • Bramble – Armor 8 | DT 14 | [Enchantments]1 | Special: When ranged or melee damage is taken, the Dimilae may choose to spend 2 [AP] and deal [Half BAS]D4 Ancient Damage back to them.

  • Bark – Armor 10 | DT 15 | [Enchantments] 1 |

  • Stream – Armor 5 | DT 17 | [Enchantments​] 2 | Special: Increase movement speed by 10ft. 

  • Fae – Armor 5 | DT 14 | [Enchantments] 3 |

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  • At level 1, gain a Reaction and the ability to use a Reaction and glide through the Ether and instantly teleport to an open space within 15ft.

  • At level 8, gain a second Reaction and increase the teleport range to 20ft.

  • At level 14, gain the ability to use Slipstream on a willing individual within 15ft. 

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Dimilae may spend 1 [AP] and use a Major Action to choose a target within 10ft and Enchant them. Positive Enchantments affect those they specify either as a direct Enchantment or AOE one. Curses, however, are placed on those they wish to harm. 

Single Target and AOE Enchantments stack, but if an individual already has a Single Target Enchantment, the previous one vanishes. 
Enchantments last for 1 minute, unless otherwise specified.
AOE Enchantments may be placed on occupied spaces, and cannot be moved once placed. Multiple AOE Enchantments cannot be placed in the same space, but can overlap. 

  • At level 3, increase the range to 15ft.

  • At level 9, increase the range to 20ft.

  • At level 13, Enchantments now only use 1 Minor Action. 


Positive Enchantments

Single Target:​

Charge – Gain 1D4 additional Power. (If used up, can be Enchanted again)
Copy – Gain a copy of the target that is no different in appearance than the original, can be told where to go and what to do for a Free Action, but deals no damage and has only 1 Health, with a Threshold of 10. The copy takes its Action directly after the original. Enemies may choose to roll an INT Save (8 + Dimilae Level), if passed they realize that it is an Illusion.
Divert – For every 5 damage taken (minimum 1), gain 1 Power.
Enrich – Gain 2D4 Wins on a single chosen Skill or Save roll, for the next minute. 
Fortify – Gain 2D4 damage resistance. 
Glitzy – Increase Instinct by 3. When used on armor, this becomes a triggered ability with 1 use that lasts for 1 Minute.
Hasten – Increase Movement Speed by 10ft.
Illuminate – Emit light within a 50ft radius.
Reflect – Gain a Psionic Token. The individual can have another placed on them, once used. 
Sharpen – Increase Intelligence by 2. When used on armor, this becomes a triggered ability with 1 use
 that lasts for 1 Minute.
Stabilize – When made [Unconscious] and [Dying], are instantly made [Stable] instead but remain [Unconscious]. (Costs 2 [AP] instead of 1.)
Temper – Increase all damage by 2D4.


Beacon – 50ft radius which reveals the location of everyone within it. For every additional 1 [AP] spent, increase the radius by 50ft and duration by 1 Minute. Does not reveal [Invisible]. Everyone inside is immune to [Sneak Attack] unless the attacker is [Invisible].
Boost – All allies in a 40ft radius gain an additional 5ft of movement. 
Buffer – All allies in a 20ft radius gain an additional 1D4 to their Damage Threshold.
Swap – The next time an ally is downed in a 50ft radius, the Dimilae swaps places with them instantly. 


Single Target:

Brittle – The next successful attack deals [BAS]D4 extra Almighty Damage.  (Costs 3 [AP] instead of 1.)
Dazzle – Gain Disadvantage on 1D4 Saves (Dimilae Choice).
Dull – Reduce Instinct by 2. 
Honest – When placed, rolls a COM Save (10 + Dimilae Level), if failed, are compelled to tell the truth, if passed the Enchantment stays and the Dimilae is able to tell if the target has passed or failed.
Madden – At the end of their turn, the target must roll an INS Save (8 + [BAS]), if failed their worst fears are made real as an illusion and they are made [Frightened] of the Dimilae. If passed, the Enchantment vanishes.
Slacken – Reduce Movement Speed by 10ft. 
Stupefy – Reduce Intelligence by 2. 
Tantalize – Target rolls an INS Save (10 + 1D4), if failed become [Allured], if passed become [Charmed].


Bite – All targets that take damage in a 15ft radius take additional 1D4 Ancient Damage when successfully hit.
Dampen – All targets in a 20ft radius lose 1D4 from their Damage Threshold. 
Jig – Everyone in a 20ft radius hears fantastical music and must roll an INS Save (8 + [BAS]) if failed are spontaneously compelled to dance and are [Staggered].
Shatter – All targets in a 15ft radius, at the start of their turn must roll a COG Save (7 + Dimilae Level), if failed gain Disadvantage on Perception and all Attacks until they pass.
Snare – All targets in a 20ft radius roll a REF Save (10 + [BAS]), if failed, movement is reduced to 5ft for 12 seconds, and if passed is reduced by half their original speed. If a target enters the radius, they must also roll to Save (unless they have already Saved), until the Curse vanishes. 

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